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26 July 2021

SSC GD constable question and answer

Question - Who had proposed the Preamble of the Constitution before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution?

Answer – Jawaharlal Nehru

️Question - On whose recommendation was the Constituent Assembly formed?

Answer – On the recommendation of the Cabinet Mission Plan

️Question - On which list of subjects the President cannot issue an ordinance?

Answer – On the subjects of the state list

️Question - Within how much period is it necessary to approve the declaration of emergency by the Parliament?

Answer – Within 1 month️

️Question - On whose recommendation the financial allocation of the states is done?

Answer – On the recommendation of the Finance Commission

️Question - Under whose direct supervision and control does the Secretariat of Lok Sabha work?

Answer – Lok Sabha Speaker K.

️Question - What is the single biggest source of the Indian Constitution?

Answer – Government of India Act 1935️

️Question - The basic structure of the Constitution cannot be modified, in which case did the Supreme Court give this arrangement?

Answer – In Kesavananda Bharati case

️Question-Who recognizes political parties in India?

Answer – Election Commission

️Question - Who has the right to amend the Fundamental Rights provided by the Constitution?

Answer – Parliament

️Question - What is the purpose of the Directive Principles of State Policy?

Answer – To make the constitution an instrument of social change.

️Question - How many members of the electoral college are required to propose a candidate for the post of President?

Answer – By 50 members

️Question - Who has the right to dissolve the Lok Sabha before its stipulated period of 5 years?

Answer – On the recommendation of the Prime Minister to the President

️Question - What was the reason for implementing the Constitution on 26th January?

Answer – Congress celebrated this date as Independence Day in 1930.

️Question – To which authority can a citizen go to ensure the right to personal liberty?

Answer – Supreme Court and High Court

️Question - Who has the right to initiate impeachment against the President of India?

Answer – Either of the two Houses of Parliament can start it.

️Question – Which bill is compulsorily signed by the President and cannot be sent back for reconsideration?

Answer – On the Finance Bill

️Question - The Vice-President is the ex-officio chairman of which institution?

Answer – Rajya Sabha

️Question - Who has the right to extend the normal term of Lok Sabha beyond 5 years?

Answer – Parliament only in times of national crisis.

️Question – Under the Anti-Defection Act, who has the right to decide on the disqualification or qualification of a member in the Indian Constitution?

Answer – Speaker of Lok Sabha

️Question – Which state's reservation bill has been included in the Ninth Schedule?

Answer – Reservation Bill of Tamil Nadu

️Question - How is the voting done in the Legislative Assembly to be elected a member of the Legislative Council?

Answer – Open Voting

️Question – Who announces the biennial elections to the Rajya Sabha?

Answer – Election Commission

️Question - If any law or constitutional amendment is placed in the 9th list of the constitution, then what is its result?

Answer – He is not maintainable in the court.

️Question - Without whose permission no Money Bill can be introduced in the State Legislative Assembly?

Answer – Without the permission of the Governor

️Question - Who has the power to suspend the 'Fundamental Rights' given in the Indian Constitution?

Answer – President

️Question - For how long can the Parliament make laws on any subject in the list of states?

Answer – For 1 year

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️Question - In the context of the Directive Principles of State Policy, who commented that it is a check whose payment depends on the convenience of the bank

Answer – K. T. Shah

️Question - Under which scheme the constitution of the Constituent Assembly was proposed? Answer – Cabinet Mission Plan 

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