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26 July 2021

Meldi Maa WhatsApp status

According to a folklore, the first deity of the herdsmen known as Deviputra was Hinglaj Mata, whose abode was in the province of Balochistan, Pakistan.Meldi Maa WhatsApp status Apart from the name Hinglaj, the character of Hinglaj Devi or the history about her has been inaccessible till now. Rhymes, songs, hymns related to Hinglaj Devi are definitely found. Followers believe that in the seven islands, all the powers form a rasa at night and in the morning all the powers come in the vicinity of Bhagwati Hinglaj.

Sato Dwip Shakti Sub Raat Ko Rachat Raas. Prat: Aap tihu mat hinglaj gir mein

Goddess Hinglaj is even brighter than the sun, and willingly incarnates. This primordial power took the second incarnation in the form of Awad Devi in ​​the house of Mamad (Mammat) in Sindh province in the 9th century. They had seven sisters, whose names were Awad, Gulo, Huli, Rapyali, Aacho, Chanchik and Ladhvi. They were the first beauties. It is said that Hamir Sumra, the Greek emperor of Sindh province, was fascinated by her beauty. Because of this, the emperor proposed marriage to her, but her father refused. Because of this, the emperor imprisoned his father. Seeing this, six goddesses came from Sindh to Temada mountain. One sister started making her place on a place in the river called 'Tantania Dharo' in the southern hilly region of Kathiawar. This Mataji is considered as the family goddess of Bhavnagar state and is worshiped with devotion in the entire Kathiawar region.

When Goddess Awad made Temada Parvat her abode, many herdsmen started coming to her place to visit her and people started living here in Rajasthan for the purpose of seeing her. Awad Mata killed a demon named Temada, hence he is also referred to as Temadeji. Awad Mata's main location is on a hill twenty miles from Jaisalmer. During the 16th century, Rajasthan was divided into several smaller states. The feudal lords were very tense and plundered each other's principalities. Because of this, the public was horrified. In order to alleviate this problem, Mahashakti Hinglaj Mata took incarnation in the form of Shri Karniji from the womb of Devaldevi, the concubine of Charan Mehaji of Suap village.

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Asoj Mass Ujjawal Paksh 7th Friday. Fourteen all Chammalve Karni Leo incarnations. . 

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