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11 September 2021

Maths & Reasoning PDF in Gujarati By Niraj Bharwad

As a teacher I have always observed in many students a totally wrong and not keeping fear with Maths and Reasoning subject. How fun it would be if such a simple and cash-graded subject was taught or explained in an innovative and interesting style !!

Today, 'jokes with knowledge' is not limited to the education of young children, the idea came to introduce the subject in an interesting way to students preparing for competitive exams. The lack of easily available literature in Gujarati language on this subject in the market and the growing quality of Mental Reasoning inspired me to prepare this book.

Made the first edition of this book which received unprecedented response from the students. Many thanks to the survey student friends for that. But this subject is such that if an experienced teacher explains its concept and short tricks to you directly, this subject becomes very easy and full marks can be obtained in this subject.

Now the purpose of giving the benefit of my experience and skills to the students in this subject is that I cannot reach every student in Gujarat or every student-friend cannot reach me. With the help of a unique concept developed by H20 (Help 2 0ther) as a solution to this dilemma, I am delighted to present to you a unique edition of this book.

During the reading of this book, the student will watch my classroom lectures on each topic at his / her own convenience as per his / her desire and need.

This book covers the course of Mental Ability of most of the competitive examinations in Gujarat. As well as low level questions starting from high level questions are presented in a systematic manner. Exercises are included at the end of each chapter to reinforce the explanation. Besides, the questions asked in the last few years are real!

I am grateful to my parents, Brother Prashant, and my wife, Parineet, for inspiring me to write this book. I am also especially grateful to H20 (Help 2 0ther) for providing the technology to make this book a smart book.

Maths & Reasoning  PDF in Gujarati By Niraj Bharwad

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In this ten year journey as my teacher, I have received a lot of love from the students, for which I am grateful. I am confident that this book will be especially useful to the students in shaping their careers.

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