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27 August 2021

Do you have back pain ?

Do you have back pain ?

Can massage or similar hand-held treatments be helpful in treating back pain ?

In the treatment of low back pain, more than ninety percent of the pain disappears automatically in two to six weeks, whether you treat it or not. Massage for pain or similar hand-to-hand treatment may bring some relief to the patient, but it does not improve the patient's efficiency or help with the inability to perform certain tasks due to the pain. Many patients feel relieved by such close treatment and also feel better from frequent contact with the therapist.

Need a special type of shake for back pain ?

A shake treatment by a physiotherapist known as short wave diathermy or ultrasound, as well as a mild electric shock treatment called TENS (trans euthanasia electric nerve stimulation), do little to reduce back pain and increase the cost of unnecessary treatment.

Is Acupuncture or Magnet Therapy Beneficial for Back Pain ?

People have been using different treatments for back pain for years. Many methods from alternative therapy are used by people without any kind of scientific basis and the method that is being tried when it is time to get rid of the pain is credited to the pain rather than the kind of experiment! According to a scientific study on the effectiveness of acupuncture and magnet therapy in low back pain, this treatment method is ineffective in curing low back pain and therefore there is a possibility of any benefit from using it.

What exercises to do to prevent back pain ?

There is more harm than good in exercising when there is a sudden onset of low back pain, but exercise may be helpful for patients who have persistent low back pain or frequent back pain. Exercise develops the muscles around the spine and can strengthen the weakened part. Swimming exercises are very useful for back pain. Apart from this, walking exercises, standing cycling exercises at home or simple cycling exercises on the road without pits outside the house can be done. All these exercises increase the fitness of the body and can be useful for the prevention of other ailments besides back pain. In fact, to date, studies have not shown that doing these simple whole body exercises, apart from useful exercises, is more beneficial in low back pain. However, if there is no pain while doing special back exercises, there is no problem in doing such exercises under medical advice.

There are three main types of lumbar exercises: (1) forward lumbar exercises, (2) lumbar reclining exercises and (3) pelvic exercises. In most low back pain, the curvature of the lumbar spine needs to be slightly straight. In medical parlance this curve is known as lumbar lordosis. This curve of the waist is straightened and many people feel relief when the exercises are done to turn the waist forward. Of course, people who have weak bones or who are taking steroid medication are more likely to develop a vertebral fracture by leaning forward, so they should not do this exercise or do it after consulting their doctor. But People who have difficulty moving their cushions should not do this exercise. To do pelvic exercises, lie down, bend the legs from the knees and exert pressure on the abdominal muscles so that all parts of the waist touch the ground. In this way place your palm between the ground and the waist at the beginning to make sure that the thrust feels right and then see if there is pressure on it. This exercise straightens the curvature of the spine near the waist and can reduce the pain.

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Asanas and exercises that relax the lumbar muscles are also useful. Of course, a few changes in exercise may be necessary for each patient, so it is important to consult your doctor before starting any exercise. If it hurts more than any asana-exercise, stop there. Do not do exercises by forcing the body. 

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