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14 July 2021

Remember this number if you want to avoid online fraud

Millions of people in the country have been deceived, now the government has brought knowledge

Remember this number if you want to avoid online fraud


The money will be credited back to your account in just 7-8 minutes

New Delhi

In the age of technology, cases of online fraud are on the rise. The central government is now fully prepared to curb online fraud. The central government has recently announced a helpline number, which can be used to get back all fraudulent money.

Money back in 7-8 minutes of calling

The government claims that all your money will be transferred back to the account within just 7 to 8 minutes by calling the helpline number 155260, which has been announced to prevent online fraud.

Hold the same amount as sending the message

According to officials, as soon as we receive a complaint, we will check the full details and find out to which account or ID your money has been transferred. As soon as we get the information we will send an alert message to that bank or Isite. After which your amount will be held.

You have to call as soon as the fraud occurs

If you have been cheated by a fraudster, first call the helpline number 155260. Once the phone is connected, you will be asked for your name, mobile number, timing of fraud, bank account details etc. and then it will be verified.

The amount will be refunded with the help of bank

The helpline number will then send your information to the portal for further action. The concerned bank will then be informed of the fodder. The bank will then hold the dodd fund. Your money will then be transferred to your account. 

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