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24 January 2020

Savre Uthi ne Cha pivi hanikarak che Vachilo a Mahiti

1. Waking up in the morning and drinking tea on an empty stomach makes the bile juice process irregular, making you feel like vomiting, which can make you uncomfortable.

2. However, many people drink black tea instead of tea. Drinking black tea is considered good for health, but drinking excessive amounts of black tea is also harmful.

3.It is believed that drinking black tea causes weight loss while drinking it causes stomach upset and does not feel hungry.

4. The same people prefer to drink tea with milk. But you hardly know. If you are tired of drinking empty stomach tea quickly, but in practice there is anxiety.

5. Also, some people have a habit of drinking hard tea. But there is little to no experience that drinking strict tea risks the risk of ulcers. In addition, it is more likely to get injured in the inner surface of the stomach.

6. Frequently heating a single tea and drinking it is also very harmful to health. Therefore, do not keep the tea made, make tea and drink it immediately.

7. Drinking bed tea simultaneously increases the risk of toothache. Doing this will cause problems such as swelling in the teeth.

8. By drinking tea, our body cannot absorb iron, which causes the body to lack iron. If you have anemia, do not take tea at all.

9. Drinking empty stomach tea in the morning causes acid in the stomach. Which can cause problems like gas. So instead of drinking empty stomach tea, something should be eaten with it.

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